Krista Perrault

Project Coordinator

Sii’em nu sul-hween, sii’em’nu siiye’ yu

(My respected elders, my respected relatives/friends)

Krista Perrault is Coast Salish from Stz’uminus, is a resident of Ladysmith within the Stz’umimus
Community where she and her husband have built their permanent home. Krista’s parents are from
Stz’uminus ‘i’ (and) Klahoose First Nation.

Krista has joined the staff as the MSSC- Project Coordinator to help support the activities of the
Marine Shipping Subcommittee’s annual workplan.

Krista comes the MSSC with over 25 years' experience working in industry, small business, sitting
on board of directors and not-for-profit organizations. Krista holds certificates in many areas such
as: ITA Certification Heavy Equipment Operator Technician; Certification Road Builders and Heavy
Equipment Construction; Forest Technician; Forestry Management; Emergency Spill Response and
Environmental Protection Management.

Krista is a graduate of Vancouver Island University’s first year of Certificate in Indigenous Language
Revitalization. Krista is currently a full-time student in her third year to achieve a Diploma in
Indigenous Language Revitalization.

She enjoys gardening, reading, kayaking, walks, and hiking.


The forest are my thoughts, and the stars are my dreams, The ocean is my heart, its pounding is my pulse, The songs of the earth write the music of my soul!