Gevan Mattu

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)
Regional Director, Pacific and Yukon Environment and Climate Change Canada

Gevan Mattu grew up in Burnaby and went to SFU and UBC where he studied environmental chemistry.  He joined ECCC as a Compliance Promotion Scientist in 2001 in Vancouver.  He is currently the Regional Director of Environmental Protection Operations in Pacific and Yukon Region where he leads environmental assessment, disposal at sea permitting and a number of other programs. During his career with ECCC, he has worked on or led a variety of files including expert support, pollution prevention, water quality guidelines, recovery for oil spills, and environmental economics. He has also worked as the Manager of Water Management and Indicators in the RDGO West & North, acted as Director of Strategic Integration and also completed a six-month assignment at Transport Canada in 2011. When not at work, Gevan enjoys practicing yoga, a variety of outdoor activities and travelling.