Indigenous Monitoring Program

Indigenous Monitoring of the Trans Mountain Expansion and Existing Project

As stewards of their lands and waters Indigenous communities share an interest in protecting their territories that may be affected during construction and operation of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and the existing pipeline.

Communities also want their knowledge and values to be respected and integrated into decisions that affect their rights and interests - and they want to participate in making those decisions.

That is why the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee for the Trans Mountain Expansion and Existing Project (IAMC-TMX) is implementing an Indigenous Monitoring (IM) Program to provide opportunities for Indigenous communities to participate in verifying Trans Mountain Corporation’s compliance with conditions and regulations.


IM Program Support

Since Fall 2019, the IM Program has supported Indigenous monitors from 17 Indigenous partner communities and organizations across the pipeline route to participate in oversight with federal regulators, including the Canada Energy Regulator, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Parks Canada.
Indigenous monitors are full participants in on-the-ground compliance verification activities, including:

  • Safety management inspections;
  • Environmental protection inspections;
  • Emergency management exercise audits;
  • Site visits to verify compliance with the Fisheries Act and Species at Risk Act; and
  • Environmental surveillance to verify compliance with the National Parks Act

Monitors work with federal staff to complete inspection reports, which are publicly available.