Committee Meetings

Our Purposes, Overarching Goals, and Record of Decisions

The Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee for the Trans Mountain Expansion (IAMC-TMX) is a collaborative forum. The purposes and overarching goals of the Committee are:

Our Purposes

  1. To provide a collaborative forum supported by technical resources for Indigenous communities, the government and regulators to enhance environmental protection and the safety of Trans Mountain activities.
  2. To support Indigenous communities’ effective and meaningful participation in the monitoring of the environmental, safety and socio-economic aspects of Trans Mountain activities.
  3. To enable Indigenous communities to come together to identify common priorities and perspectives related to Trans Mountain activities and to voice those interests to the government and regulators.
  4. To build an understanding of issues of concern to Indigenous communities in order to develop a common perspective between the government, the NEB and Indigenous communities regarding Trans Mountain activities and to provide informed advice to the government and the NEB on how to address those issues.
  5. To share information in a cooperative and transparent manner relating to the environmental, safety and socio-economic issues of Trans Mountain activities.

Overarching Goals

  • Safe, environmentally and socioeconomically sound Trans Mountain activities
  • Respect for Indigenous rights and perspectives in the monitoring of Trans Mountain activities
  • Well-informed and supported Indigenous groups engaging effectively with government, regulators and the proponent in relation to Trans Mountain activities
  • Collaboration, shared learning and integration of knowledge

Record of Decisions

In order for the IAMC-TMX to fulfill these goals and purposes, the Committee meets regularly at various locations in British Columbia and Alberta. Following this, the Committee produces a Record of Decisions, which outlines the results of the meeting: