Nicole Jack

Communications Coordinator

Nicole Jack was raised on Penelakut Island by her grandparents Sharlene and Gerald Jack alongside her dad, Aaron Jack Sr and Mom, Jacqueline Jack (i George).

Nicole has recently taken on the role of Communications Coordinator with the Marine Shipping Subcommittee and is closely working with the MSSC Communications Specialist to support the communications activities of the MSSC. Nicole has supported a wide variety of communications activities related to regularly scheduled meetings as well as communications needs associated to the annual workplan.

Over the years, Nicole has learned and expanded her professional skills that contribute to her work in communications. Nicole’s ability to always take the initiative in her current role has proved her to be very reliable and to get tasks done in a timely manner. She finds passion in all aspects of her career and is excited to be a part of the MSSC to support, learn, and grow together to protect our traditional lands and waters.